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The firm OT Bioeletronica was established in February 2007. It is located in Turin, its specific activity is related to Research & Development in electronic field.

What We Do

OT Bioelettronica company has a detailed specialization in small series development and production related to biomedical equipments. The property described before born thanks to the experience and competence of its designers, that for several years operated in the international research field and made several publications.
OT Bioelettronica customers are mainly Universities and Research Centers of the world.

What is OT BioLab+

OT BioLab+ is the software designed, developed and tested by OT Bioelettronica in collaboration with research centers in order to give the best acquisition tool to the final user of OT Bioelettronica biomedical equipments.



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Contact info Unione Sovietica, 312
Torino, 10135 Italy

+39 011 61 98 498

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